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Earn one of our badges and get some discount NOW!

Minumum Buy: €200

Rebuy Deadline: 45 Day(s)

Discount: 5%

Minumum Buy: €500

Rebuy Deadline: 45 Day(s)

Discount: 10%


*Minimum buy: the minimum amount of bought films to get the badge
**Rebuy deadline: If you have one of our badges, you must buy one of our films to retain the badge. You have 45 days from your purchase to buy with your discount. You can check your bagde’s availability in the ”My Movies” section on the top right menu.

NOTICE: Our badge checker script run once every hour! If you buy something, it is possible, that your badge do not activate immediately. To get the first badge, spend at least 200 euro. If you spend this amount  you immediately get the GURU badge. Which means, you get 5% discount from every purchase and you will be allowed to get extra content. If you spend at least 500 euro you immediately get the AMBASSADOR badge which means you get 10% discount from every purchase and you also get the extra content too. You will keep your badge as long as you purchase a movie in every 45 days at most. If you don’t purchase anything in 45 days, you lose your badge and you must spend at least 200 euro again to reclaim it. If you purchase a movie what is an exclusive content and you lose your badge for some reason, don’t worry, you will keep your purchased movie(s). If you have any questions about the badge system, try to contact us with the contact menu.


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Largest Scat edition

Let us introduce you to the largest Extreme Scat Movie collection on earth! All Scat and pee movies are exclusive and unavailable on other sites! We feature new and classic stars like Fanni - Silvia - Tima - Veronika - Diana Sky - Melania - Mikaela Wolf - Roxana Cashmere White - Merida Brown and many more! Check out our cruel brazilian models, our super strong dominatrix Karina Cruel who loves humiliating her slaves - Lola Melo - Fernanda Medeiros - top seller Kassiane Arquetti available to purchase on DVD, download or lifetime stream! All Scat material on this site are GUARANTED 100% real, no cheap fake shit making SG Video the best of the best!

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You can watch our movies in HD or every available quality on any device! It doesent matter if you like to watch from the office on your desk, anywhere from your mobile or tablet or stream it direct on your flat tv*. It does not matter where you are, you only need internet on any device and you will able to see our movies - ON ANY DEVICE AT ANYWHERE!